Elon musk father Errol musk aged 76 has secret chid with 35 year old stepdaughter.

Jana bezuidenhout is stepdaughter of elon musk father.

Errol musk claimed he had a second baby with his stepdaughter.

Elon musk father Errol musk confirms  he has a child with stepdaughter.

Errol musk and his stepdaughter jana welcomed the child back in 2019.

But they only confirmed this news  about second child on Wednesday.

Errol musk further stated about jana pregnancy is unplanned.

SpaceX owner elon musk statement on this shocking news is still awaited.

In 1970 Errol musk married to a model Maye haldeman musk. 

With whom Errol musk had three children Elon, Kimbal and tosca